The WISH Workbook ("What If Something Happens to Me?") is a complete workbook
to help you put your affairs in order and organize your most important information,
all in one handy + complete workbook.
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This is a perfect opportunity for you to get your affairs in order, as we stay safely at home.
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You've asked yourself this question, and you're not alone.
We all keep vital and private information stored securely in our mind. Whether it's a banking password, a savings account kept confidential, or maybe there is a trusted neighbour with a copy of our house key. 
In the unfortunate event that something should happen to you – how can your family assist you? Who should they contact first? What should happen with your bill payments, your home and investments, or your pet care?
Have you REALLY put all your affairs in order?

The WISH Workbook is not a Will,

nor does it replace one:

It fully complements one.

Suzanne Soto-Davies, Author
It was Christmas Eve, and we received the call that my mother had been flown into hospital... What an awful time... We needed to help her immediately, and we knew nothing!
Suzanne and mom WISH Workbook
You may not think about these important matters until it's too late. And that's not fair to your loved ones.
I am Suzanne Soto-Davies, and I created the WISH Workbook after a personal experience when going through an emergency family situation. Our family learned the hard way, what it means to have this important information written down somewhere.
This easy-to-complete workbook includes:
  • Personal information and important contacts
  • Medical information – past and present, family history, medications, allergies and sensitivities
  • Insurance information
  • Banking & financial information – personal and business
  • Pension and income – home and abroad
  • Property information – home and abroad
  • Around the home – computer access, home security, pet care & wishes, utility bill payment, children contact information
  • Employment information, and much more

If you are suddenly unable to communicate – wouldn't it give you peace of mind to know that your information is readily available for your loved ones?

The WISH Workbook is a 48-page workbook (including covers) in which you will be able to jot down all your pertinent information and then keep it safely stored.  It's available in both printed and PDF (electronic) format. The PDF format comes complete with a personalized password – just for you. This is the true meaning behind "putting your affairs in order"
Click and watch my personal video and learn how and why I created the
WISH Workbook  – and why everyone should have one.
Everyone should have a Will prepared. It should be complete, and updated regularly. And everyone should also have a WISH Workbook to complement it, because it matters, and it could save your life. 
The WISH Workbook will help you in case of an emergency. It will help your spouse know what to say to the emergency doctors at a time when their thinking maybe clouded by emotion... And it will certainly help your children know how to help YOU, at a time when you may not be able to even speak. It's so important, and certainly worth the cost. 
WISH Workbook will kit canada

The WISH Workbook makes a great gift!


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"Looking forward to recording important info for my children to alleviate their pressure during a stressful time.  I hope the Wish workbook will make a lot of decisions easier for them to make knowing what choices I would like.  Thank you for putting this together as I have lived the executor role searching for necessary info when my mother passed away. 
- Lyla R., Mississauga