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Suzanne Soto-Davies WISH Workbook

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I was born and raised in Peru, from a long lineage of Europeans. At the age of fifteen, I immigrated to Canada with my family, in search of a safer and more promising life. 
Currently residing in Burlington, Ontario, I am the founder and publisher of Silver and Gold – a magazine that focuses on the interests and specific needs of the boomers 'plus' demographic. The magazine was born from the love for my late grandparents, which inspired me to entrepreneurial spirit I enjoy today. 
After many years of holistic nutrition studies and the lifestyle choices surrounding it, I later began publishing my second magazine, Raising Kids Naturally, to connect my passions for family and health, and to further educate and inspire others to do the same. 
I am a nature lover and protector, and proudly consider myself a "tree hugger" who enjoys gardening edibles and milkweed varieties, protecting bees and butterflies, and advocating toward the banning of plastic bags, straws, and single-use plastic bottles. As Dr. David Suzuki once told me: "Pick your battles, pick a single thing you feel strongly toward (or against) and strive to increase awareness of it with all your might." His words resonate every time I refuse a plastic bag, plant something, or cook for my family.
I believe there is nothing more special than a family's love, and I consider my husband and our three girls to be my most cherished blessings.
Suzanne is available to speak to your group about her journey to publishing Silver and Gold Magazine, compiling the WISH Workbook, and the importance of putting your personal affairs in order. Speaking engagements are typically 30 minutes in length. Please contact Suzanne directly for inquiries and availability.