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PDF (Electronic) Version: $15 ea. (incl. HST)

PDF versions of the 48-page WISH Workbook will arrive in your email inbox, complete with a personalized password for safekeeping. Type your information, save it, re-open it, edit, print copies out for your trusted contacts. Each PDF copy arrives personalized with your name on it.  
NOTE ON PASSWORDS: We provide a secure password for you, which you CANNOT change. This password safeguards you and the highly confidential information the WISH Workbook contains. Should you prefer NOT to have a password set at all, please let us know when you complete your PayPal order, under PayPal "shipping instructions".
One PDF copy: $15
2 PDF copies: $30
3 PDF copies: $45

Printed Version: $19.95 ea. (including HST) 

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In the 48-page printed version of the WISH Workbook you will be able to pencil in all your personal and vital information, and update it as necessary. Upon its completion, provide to a trusted contact such as your lawyer or spouse, for safekeeping. 
One copy per person is recommended, as per our copyrights. Each WISH Workbook is very personalized to add your own medications, medical history, paternal/maternal history, wishes, etc. and the workbook is not formatted for more than one person sharing a book. 

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A Different Drummer – Burlington, Ontario

Booked Experiences – Aldershot, Burlington, Ontario

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Chapters/Indigo – The Burlington Mall, Burlington, Ontario

Fly By Night Antiques and Books – Burlington, Ontario

Good Books Christian Book Store – Oakville, Ontario

Home Hardware Appleby – Burlington, Ontario

Winexpert Burlington – Burlington, Ontario

(Additional locations across Canada coming soon!)

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