Among the bush

One of my goals this year is to spend more time relaxing. Life's so hectic – between kids, home, work, cleaning, work, shopping, work, that it's easy to get used to "always doing something."

Last Sunday morning, while my world was still sleeping, I ventured down to the forest next to Paletta Mansion. It was muddy, many branches had fallen due to our recent Burlington wind storm, and it was great.

I had forgotten what a beautiful spot this is... And then I stopped to read this sign along the path:

I don't usually bother with signs like these, as I prefer to make up my own imaginary world, but this was ASTONISHING... this is the "richest ecological zone in the country"?? And I'm in it!

This Black Walnut tree has become my new best friend. It must be over 60' tall, full of knots in which to find faces, and it has such a good feeling... so much energy... And I'm sure over the years it has been home to many a creature.

black walnut tree Burlington Ontario
The bench gives a perspective of the tree's size.. whoah...

Here are a couple of closer photos of this majestic beast:

I wasn't alone on this venture. There was a lady walking about with her binoculars and a notebook (obviously a bird-watcher), and I approached her, asking what she was hearing. She replied, "I'm listening for what I DON'T know, not for what I recognize." And for the first time during this little trip, I didn't feel like I was the only one appreciating nature.

Do you know what it means to feel COMPLETE? For me, it's that feeling of not needing anything, and not necessarily needing anyONE there. I'm happiest when I'm with my family, but it doesn't necessarily 'complete me'.

There are two places in this world where I feel complete: By the ocean, and in a forest. And although this may not be like our rainforests where I grew up in Peru, but this one is two blocks away from my home, and it completed me. At least this bush made me feel complete this morning. I urge you to find yours.





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