Another Close Call

If you have read the story behind my WISH Workbook publication, you'd know that I started it because of the struggles we went through after my mother's aneurysm in 2012. At the end of 2018, we suffered yet another "almost" family tragedy... Why does this always happen around Christmas time?

On December 21st, I received a phone call from Woodstock Hospital. This time it was my Uncle, who had been in an accident on the 401 Highway. Three hours later, we were to have our first of two family gatherings to celebrate the Holidays!

For the past 12 years, my uncle has had a few medical issues, but never has he been in an accident in Canada... ever! So it was much to our surprise that he had one this evening - especially as he lives in Haliburton, some four-hours-or-more from Woodstock!

His car was totalled. Luckily, he was okay. Shaken and stirred – but still alive – he survived what could've been a real tragedy. The 401 is one of Canada's worst highways, and on this stormy day he drove right into the side of a parked transport truck! (Oh... the horror...)

The doctors noted his many health issues and took his driver's license away. He is no longer to drive, and it was recommended he not live by himself anymore. This accident has been a life-altering close-call for him.

A few years back, I provided my uncle with a copy of the WISH Workbook. I emailed him a PDF version, so he could type as much of the info in, taking the time to search through all the information he would require. I also gave him a printed copy. Much to our surprise, none are to be found, now when we need them the most in order to look after him and his health, moving forward.

What good is a fantastic Workbook such as the WISH, if you don't complete it?

Every time a book is sold, I recommend the purchaser to take their time and fill in the blanks... even if it takes them months to complete it, some is better than none at all!

Please take this post as encouragement and advice: Buy it, flip through it, then fill it out to the best of your abilities. If you're missing information, LOOK FOR IT, then continue on completing it!

None of us are immune to an accident happening. The WISH Workbook is not about "what happens if I die," but about what happens if something happens to me! We continue to decipher what my uncle would like, what's best for him, and while he sits in hospital, we are still trying to figure out how to pay for his bills and look after his stuff....

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