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I work hard. Sometimes it seems I'm always working - and I'm sure I'm not alone feeling that way. Should I travel more? Sure. Can I afford to? Probably, unless it's to Europe and then, probably not. Then I'm supposed to be working out, cooking, cleaning my home, driving kids around, grocery shopping, running two businesses... Why should I work out then??

Look at my cat Sam, he's happy, isn't he?

cat, resting, learn to chill, time to relax
Sam, baking in the sun. Be like Sam.

A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook (a meme, actually) where a Chinese man was saying, "Don't exercise more. Instead, rest more." And a little light bulb went on for me (it was quite a moment! :)

We do too much and are too busy, yet we don't allow ourselves time to rest. Rest heals the mind, heals the body, that's what you need the most when you get older so go ahead and REST!

Are you a napper? I am, or at least I would like to be more often than I can allow myself the luxury of enjoying. Sometimes I will take a quick power nap during the day. Since I work from home, I can do that (but shhh... don't tell my clients). Why do I continue to feel guilty for napping? Even when it's a fifteen-minute power nap, what does it matter? It's a struggle to be like Sam... after all, he's a cat who doesn't need to work, shop, or cook.

BE LIKE SAM. That's something I'm learning to do, but it takes time to rewire my brain to be sufficiently forgiving to myself and take the time to rest a bit more. I told myself this year I was going to learn to "chill" a bit more, spend more time with myself, do things FOR myself, so there are a few things I began to change... and it's so difficult...

Being a mom isn't easy, but it's also not brain surgery. Us women really know how to take shit on, pile it on, let it fester, get tired, then get up and start all over again. Without rest! I don't want to be one of those women who grow old and have a permanent frown on my face.

Baby steps. For me, i's all about learning from Sam: Sit, breathe, watch the birdies fly by, purr a little, get up and stretch, and relax knowing the world will continue to turn while I take a few minutes to myself.





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