Family time "Charcuterie"!

We started a new family tradition. We call it "Friday Charcuterie" – which to many it may be the wrong name, but I don't care. I like it and it worked for us.

On Friday morning, after gym-time, I had the intention of picking up three or five things at Fortinos, but instead I picked up twenty. I was inspired by the Serrano Ham at the meat counter. (OH MY LORD, if you haven't tasted Serrano Ham from Spain, it's a must!) I think it's fair to say Serrano winked at me, and I was immediately turned on... sitting there in all his salted, grey-like and smokey glory (because in Spanish "jamón" - or ham - is male, so it's a HE for all you nerds), Serrano looked back at me and whispered... buy me.... taste me.. you know you want me...

That led me to turn around and see the Smoked Oka cheese, then the fresh breads, over to the hummus, guacamole (which always needs 'fixing' because it's tasteless and bland), grapes, plums, half-gone pears, crackers, and veggies.

I told myself I was going to surprise the family with a "Charcuterie Friday" – which to me meant a "buffet pre-dinner muchies moment". And it was AWESOME.

When Kevin got home (a bit earlier than I had expected), I couldn't help but show him the Serrano. The ham brings him memories of the trip to Spain he took back in yesteryear and loved so much – you know, the trip he never made with me but always recalls as one of his favourites.

It was perfect timing though: We chopped and tasted, laid everything out for the kiddies later, tasted some more. I think I yelled out "Charcuterieeee!!!" a few dozen times (he's so patient with me, poor soul!).

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I know this isn't the real meaning of "Charcuterie" but I don't care. It was awesome.

When the kids arrived – hungry, rushed since they had to work, Karate lessons and so on – they were THRILLED to see our "Charcuterie Friday" ready for their pickin' and enjoyment!

We sat (or stood) around the kitchen island pickin' and eating, and talking, and laughing... I highly recommend it as a Friday get-together-before-the-craze. It's family time at its best. And all thanks to Serrano for winking at me.





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