For Earth-Day's Sake

I may sound like a meme, but in my opinion every day should be considered Earth Day. I'm a proud self-proclaimed hippy: We plant edibles, we eat organic, we don't accept plastic bags, we don't buy single-use plastic water bottles, I make our own remedies, deodorant, shampoo (or "no poo" as they call it), creams, toothpaste... etc etc., but it wasn't until today that I realized how much it has rubbed off on others.

Kevin loves spending time outside, and even though he spends his days working his ars off (his work can get quite physical and exhausting), he enjoys "deflating" outdoors. He builds something, cleans something, creates something. It's quite admirable, really, especially since I have a short attention span and when I work on something outside, I lose the momentum quickly. I admire his stamina - he is a creator, for sure!

But today, rather than raking, building decks, painting, or even playing his guitar to chill, he decided to build me some planters for this year's crops. He moved earth (literally) to make this happen today.

I always tell my family that the most important things in life are the small gestures. Whether it's a little note, drawing, the picking of a flower, a hug. This was a huge gift for me, and I had to share...

Earth Day is a reminder that we can ALL do our part - whether big or small. We're all grains of sand, and as David Suzuki once told me, "pick your battle" and go with it. For me, this whole hippy gardening thing may not be a small battle (it's a lot of friggin' work!) but it's so important because it will reflect on my kids in the future - I KNOW IT. They will one day own their own little garden plot (hopefully) and they'll think of planting a little tomato plant, or a few radishes... and once they harvest them and crunch into them, I hope they think of me in my grubs and greasy hair, making a home-made salad with home-grown veg!

Happy Earth day. May you pick a battle and run with it too. And may you have the support I do.





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