How much garbage are YOU picking up?

Mornings are especially special for me (can I say that in a grammatically correct manner?). Everyone's sleeping, it's quiet, and regardless of how tired I am, it's time to get outside.

I'm not a winter person. Any other time of year, you'll find me walking around the neighbourhood and beyond, admiring gardens, sounds, people and their pets, joggers, and... yes, garbage. Well, not 'admiring it' but being amazed by it.

By our home there's a ravine with a bridge. Every single morning I find garbage there. So I've taken on to going for walks with a plastic bag at hand, and picking up as much crap as I can find - except for paper towels and tissue paper, 'cause eww.

We can all do our part, and I'M TALKING TO YOU: The person who passes me by and doesn't even say hello, and can walk right past that piece of crumpled up plastic water bottle or cigarette box. Pick it up dammit! Why wouldn't you??

Every day a water bottle, Gatorade bottle, pack of cigarettes, and some disgusting fast-food wrapper. Every day. Guaranteed. So if all the crap on the streets grosses you out, just pick up the cleanest one you see - let's face it, you can always wash your hands after, so don't be a wimp.

For a while, picking up garbage took over my walks. I was obsessed, and looked down on the ground wherever I went. Not anymore... Now it's the garbage that calls me, and I focus on my walks, breathing and admiring, until I either step on something or it's shininess winks at me. It's easy, try it.



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