Living With Coyote

Updated: May 11, 2018

It was a rainy morning but I didn't care – I had to go for a walk because it's FINALLY milder outside. This six-month Canadian winter sure can get to you!

Growing up in Peru, we barely had wildlife roaming around. There were some dogs running around the neighbourhood, and they were terrifying. In total, I had six dogs bite me. Not coyotes, DOGS. Of course I'm not a big fan of dogs now (they can smell my fear, they say, but who is to blame??), but I don't shy away from any kind of wildlife now. Show me a snake, a tarantula, a crazy-ass hawk and I'm in! A wild coyote that doesn't naturally eat people? Really... suck it up and if you don't like that they're around, MOVE ELSEWHERE.

We live fifteen seconds from this ravine, where Coyote also live. I feel immediately lucky, privileged really, to be so close to this kind of nature, even though some of our #Burlington Councillors want to have them moved away somewhere else. Why? Because some people insist on walking their tiny dogs right in front of this ravine during dusk and dawn, when coyote are more likely to roam around. They're just crossing the street, but God forbid you see one! Pschh... please...

I continue to walk past the ravine, and as I do, i'm actually "hoping" I see a coyote. Can you imagine what a great story I would have to go back home to? "I saw a coyote! WHOAH! It was this close to me!"

One day they will no longer be around. Probably by the time my girls are my age, coyote will only be seen way up north, or in a zoo, or stuffed in the Burlington Museum. It's a shame really, because there is a way to keep all this wildlife around, we're just not working hard enough at it.





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