No more sleeping in

As a mother of three girls, I've spent many sleepless nights. I'm sure many of you moms get that, and can totally relate!

As time goes by - and now that my girls are grown up, I always WANT TO sleep in, but it doesn't happen. I try, I go back to bed after feeding the cats at 7am, but it doesn't happen. I end up turning around a dozen times, and then I give up.

Growing up, I never understood why my mother got up so early. She was a home-maker (and a great one at that), and whenever my sisters and I got up, she was already up. Why is it so hard to sleep in?

Now I get it - at least most of the time. It's the quiet mornings. Nobody's up yet, there are barely any cars on the road, sometimes there aren't even any birds chirping. It's the quiet we crave... among busy days of work, home, kids, driving around, phone calls, shopping, gym time, it's the quiet we crave.

This morning I did the same thing: Got up early. Even though we went to bed at 1am, I was up – tired, a little groggy, and looking like shit, but I got up to go for a walk. I remembered it was my neighbour Val's birthday, and all she wanted was some Trilliums. My mind was set to go and pick some for her.

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Did you know the Ontario white trillium turns pink once it's aging? Wish I would ;)

The tiny parkette near our home is the perfect spot for picking Trillium: There are a TON of them, and as I learned it is not illegal to pick them (as long as you're not cutting the flowers, which apparently will kill the plant).

I took my shovel, an old Mandarin shopping bag, garden mitts, and an old mushroom plastic container. Dig up 4" and the root ball is there – they are so beautiful...

And it was quiet.

That quiet we crave.

Only a thousand Trillium, a couple of bunnies, and me.

And by the time I got back home, nobody was up yet. Did I miss anything? Nope... But I would've, if I would've stayed in bed rolling around trying to sleep in.

Sometimes we have to go with our gut, and enjoy the mornings. The day will get busier later anyway.





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