Saved by a Higher Power

Our cottage is surrounded by beautiful big old trees. I refuse to cut any of them down, although some can be quite close to the building. This long Canada Day weekend was no different.

They had called for a possible tornado up in the Sudbury Greater Area, and we got hit. This particular tree had already lost a limb a couple of years back - a HUGE limb, measuring almost 3' in diameter. The balance of the tree (the trunk and a few branches) leaned to the left, so we didn't worry too much about it. But the mini tornado that hit on Friday night broke it right off, and twisted it to fall right. It was such a loud bang, crash, bang, BOOM! And it brought down two other trees with it.

It missed our daughters' bedroom by only a few feet.

We felt we were spared, and saved by God. There was no other explanation. Regardless of whether you are a believer or not, this was a definite God-sent message of love. Our babies slept soundly despite the constant flickering of the lightning, and down it came...

We spent the rest of the long weekend admiring the force of nature, and the tree, as she lay next to the cabin. We also spent it saying a few little prayers of 'thank you'.

Every single one of our neighbours who saw the tree laying on the ground, said the same thing: "You must've said your prayers last night". Truth is, we probably didn't because the first night at the cottage is usually a late one with admiring the nature surrounding us and too many cold drinks... But we will from now on, say our thanks and our protective please's.

Can't mess around with nature. On this day she had a mind of her own, but we were definitely saved by a Higher Power. Amen to that.

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