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Today, I had a wonderful opportunity to present as the speaker, for the Stoney Creek Seniors Christian Coffee Hour, at Winona Vine Estates. Approximately 150 people were in attendance, and it was a great morning of fellowship, sharing, and a ton of caring. What a great group! These folks meet every Tuesday at 10am: A non-denominational gathering that includes fellowship, singing a hymn or two, and a short devotional or presentation.

One of the members of this group, Len, spoke about his journey through colon cancer, and how he is now in remission (amazing!). He said Doctors call him a "walking miracle". Personally, I think anyone who gets through cancer is a walking miracle, as that is one of life's toughest journeys... Len talked about his faith, the strength in prayer, and how he feels that made a huge part in his recovery. Len was very inspiring today.

"The three amigos" (the trouble makers!)

Stoney Creek Christian Coffee Hour group

When it came time for me to speak, I touched on the subject of faith, as it was certainly something our family discussed while my mother was at hospital surviving her aneurysm. When you go through difficult or challenging times, your faith is not challenged, in my opinion, it's reinforced. In my talk, I mention how the fact that my mother survived through her aneurysm is largely thanks to the faith our family had, the amount of energy we created through prayer and positive thinking, and of course, the wonderful expertise and knowledge of the doctors involved (they too deserve the credit!).

We recently met a young gentleman who calls himself "atheist". He grew up in a non-believer family, not going to church, not practising any particular faith. Is he a bad guy? Most definitely not! He is quite an amazing young man, actually, with a huge heart and an astounding ability to give kindness and love. He may call that atheism, but I sure don't, as I believe that everyone believes in something – or someone... For some, it may be the figure of an older man in a white beard sitting on a cloud, for others it's a spirit who cannot be named anything except for 'God', for others it may be Buddha, or Allah, or the Universe...

We are all believers of something, or someone – there has GOT to be something bigger than ourselves!!! When you look at this wonderful earth of ours and its people, and all that kindness and giving, then you have faith... only then, you can learn and pass that on to your children. They may have their own beliefs, and sometimes it takes years and years to develop your beliefs... either through study, or speeches, or lessons of some sort, or sometimes through life experiences... but you do develop your own.

I don't think there's any TWO PEOPLE who believe in exactly the same thing. Not exactly the same. But we do have faith... that is something we have in common, and nobody can challenge that one!

The dictionary defines 'spirituality' as the "quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul, as opposed to material or physical things". Are spirituality and faith intertwined? I would say they are. I don't think you can have one without the other. Would you like to know exactly what my beliefs are? You will never know exactly; you would have to be in my own brain, and see what I see, and feel what I feel, in exactly the same way, in order to understand.

Today was a good day, and I connected with many people in many positive ways. And when I rest my head on the pillow tonight, that is all that I need to feel. You may not agree, but I'm okay with that.




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