That darned Mac virus ""

As a true-blue Mac (Apple) lover, I always felt relaxed 'cause I would NEVER have to suffer what PC folks do with viruses invading their systems.

I was wrong.

Well, apparently it's not a virus, but a "malware" which can infect your browser and then take over. The only way I found out what this one was called, is because under desperation - and after trying everything under the sun - I turned off my Wifi, then opened my Google Chrome, and there it was.... "looking for"

I searched, watched a zillion videos, tried resetting, restarting, re-everything, and nothing got this malware off my system!! How frustrating!

With this site, every time you open your browser, you instead see this "Search" image, along with a Mac Antivirus ad. Every single time...

The problem is, if they can take over your computer like this - who's to say they can't take over your passwords, banking info, etc.?? I HAD to delete it somehow.

For those of you in this predicament, here's how to delete this "weknow" for good off your computers!

  1. In your finder, search for "weknow". If you find ANYTHING with that extension, trash it and empty the trash.

  2. Open your browser and where it finds the "cookies", delete one by one the ones that say "weknow".

  3. Under "block websites" or "block browsers" - enter the following info: [*.]

  4. Then immediately quit your browser, empty anything in the trash (if anything is there)

  5. Restart your computer.

Don't know if it will work for everyone, but it sure worked for me! After trying EVERYTHING...

Apparently this malware site can be downloaded with Adobe Reader - or at least when you THINK you're updating your Adobe Reader... So watch carefully what and how you download updates! They're not always good.

I also recommend downloading "Bitdefender Virus Scanner" and running a diagnostic (no, this is not a paid advertisement - the basic program is free) as it found all kinds of weird things on my system that I ended up deleting.

Good luck!


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