Why Victoria Day?

Today is Victoria Day in Canada, and I honestly still don't know why we celebrate it. It's not that I'm being un-patriotic, it's just that I find it irrelevant. It doesn't make sense to celebrate a holiday to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday, when there is nothing to see, celebrate, or do, that would enlighten ANYONE to why we're celebrating this day??

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact we have an extra day "off work" to spend with family, to relax, to watch a bit more tv or garden, but I'm sorry... NONE of these things have anything to do with Queen Victoria?

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Exactly... Kind of redundant, isn't it?

Growing up in Peru, we celebrated our National Peru Day, like we celebrate Canada Day here. The difference was, that it was CELEBRATED, and very patriotic. It was all about being proud of the country you lived in. Everyone had to put the Peruvian flag on their home for the whole month of July, otherwise face a penalty. It was beautiful to drive around and see the amount of Peruvian flags on the rooftops, it made you really feel Peruvian!

Maybe it's because it has always shocked me at how North American lifestyles are all about the parties and the drinking (way too much drinking!), but Victoria Day has become just about that: Another day off to drink. The "May two-four weekend".

Maybe it's time we rethink our Victoria Day and rename it MAY 2-4 WEEKEND, where we celebrate twenty-four of our most influential, special Canadians of all time. My list would include:

- Gord Downie, of course.

- Terry Fox, that's a given!

- Lester B. Pearson – I mean, we even have an airport named after the man!

- Dr. Frederick Banting - does anyone even know who this guy was? He was the inventor of the synthetic insulin, and that's HUGE!

- Alexander Graham Bell. SERIOUSLY! RRRRINNNGGGG!!!

Point is, (and my apologies to the Queen if this offends) we have a lot more to celebrate and be proud of, than the Queen's birthday. It's archaic to have declared this day a holiday back in 1845, yet not have made any changes to include so many other influential and special Canadians... Who's with me??





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